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Get to Know the Blogger – Casey

Kicking off the first interview of 2019 for the Get to Know the Blogger series is Casey, talking all about her blog CaseStreetx.
Thanks for taking part! Can you tell us a little bit about what (your blog) is all about? 
My blog is about lifestyle, mental health and wellbeing. It hugely focuses on helping sufferers of mental illness and educating my readers on mental health on a whole, because it is something which everyone has, and that everyone should be aware of.
How long have you been blogging for, and what made you get into blogging to start with? 
I have been blogging as Casestreetx for nine months. I was extremely inspired by other bloggers at the time and I was excited by the thought of writing on my own platform. Being able to combine something that I’m passionate about, and something that I’m good at creates a really positive outcome. Also, being able to help other people is something which I really enjoy doing.
Do you have any particular topics you like writing about most? 
My favourite topic would have to be writing about how the media and companies contribute towards mental health stigma. As a mental health blogger, I am the first to call out discrimination when I see it anywhere! For example, in this post (An Open Letter to the Circus of Horrors) I discussed how they wrongly portrayed individuals with mental illness in their show called ‘The Psycho Asylum’. As a result of campaigning and repeatedly contacting their show, the Circus of Horrors show has been updated to remove mental health references and stereotypes. Challenging mental health discrimination can be a really scary thing to do, but it is so, so important too!
Favourite Social Media Platform? 
My favourite social media platform is twitter because it has allowed me to meet so many wonderful and creative people!
What are your favourite things about Blogging? 
My favourite things about blogging include helping people; when I’m having a bad day I will go to the comments section on my blog and read them through. It makes me feel so amazing, because I am able to use my own experiences to benefit others, and people are so deserving of having a resource, or a website, just something that can make things easier for them. That is my most favourite thing about blogging. Additionally, blogging has allowed me to invest more time into photography and meet so many wonderful people!
Are there any aspects of the industry you don’t enjoy as much?
One part of the industry that I don’t enjoy is that occasionally individuals tear eachother down instead of building people up. I’m a strong believer in supporting others in the blogging community, and it isn’t nice to see so much competitiveness.
What has been your highlight so far? 
My blogging highlight so far is being on the Flourish Podcast, ran by Katie Warren. Her podcast focuses on personal development and growth and I was so pleased to be a part of it!
Can you share a post with us that you are most proud of? 
I am most proud of this post because it was the first post where I shared my personal experience with mental illness, which was quite difficult to do initially. The response from this post was so positive and my heart is so full after hearing from so many readers.
Out of the events you have attended with the Bournemouth Bloggers so far, which has stood out for you and why? 
I am yet to attend any events with the Bournemouth Bloggers, but I am really excited to attend in the upcoming weeks!
If you could work with any one brand on a collaboration, who would it be and why?
My dream brand collaboration would be with a mental health charity such as Mind or the Samaritans, because they save so many lives and that is exactly what I aspire to do myself.
Do you have any advice for thinking about writing a blog, or just starting out blogging? 
If you are thinking about writing a blog, or are just starting out blogging, my advice would be to go for it! Don’t overthink it, don’t second guess yourself, and don’t be scared or hold yourself back. Everybody starts somewhere!
Who are your favourite bloggers and/or YouTubers? 
My favourite bloggers are Yasmin Stefanie and Ellie Blakeney.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

In five years time I see myself blogging, and finishing my mental health nursing degree at university. I am really excited to see where the future takes me!

Thanks for taking part Casey. You can follow Casey on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Get to Know the Blogger – Casey”

  1. Thank you so much for interviewing me! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming events!
    Love Casey x


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