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Get to Know the Blogger – Nic

Welcome back to our Get to Know the Blogger series. I have been speaking with Nic about her blog A Twenty Something Lesbian.

Thanks for taking part! Can you tell us a little bit about what A Twenty Something Lesbian is all about? 

My blog is about me and my life, covering the things that I love and are passionate about, it’s a documentation of what I’m getting up to and the craziness going on in my life. I cover lots of topics such as events, LGBT life, mental health, Disney, music and wedding planning.

But to make things simpler it’s a lifestyle and LGBT blog.

How long have you been blogging for, and what made you get into blogging to start with? 

I’ve just recently celebrated my 1st first year blogging, yay! I made my first blog page about 2 years prior, I felt so pressured to find my ‘niche’ and was so paranoid that my content would be rubbish, I didn’t make anything public.

My partner and I had been making YouTube videos for about a year, which I loved, but I found I rambled too much. Then in summer 2017 I moved towns, into a new home, I was looking for a new job and in the adventure of newness I thought I would take the leap of faith, publish my blog and have a space where I can ramble as much as I want. My niche is lifestyle, but lifestyle of the point of view of a twenty something lesbian – hence the name!


Do you have any particular topics you like writing about most? 

I love writing LGBT content, I think it’s so important to have these blog posts out there, there are so many bloggers out there but only a small fraction represent the LGBT community. However, I don’t actually post LGBT too frequently, as I don’t only want to be known for that. It’s really fun to writing about events, such as the Bournemouth Blogger events, also Lush and Disney – there will be a lot more Disney content coming.

Favourite Social Media Platform? 

Defiantly Instagram, I could spend hours and hours scrolling through photos and watching Insta stories. It’s been a great platform for me to connect with LGBT people up and down the country, and across the pond. A couple I met on Instagram are going to be bridesmaids at my wedding!

What are your favourite things about Blogging? 

So many things – I feel like my blog is my baby, over the past year I’ve seen it change and grow so much and I’m really proud of it. Having a portable journal where I can vent, ramble and pour out everything that’s in my head. It’s great to have a space where I can share what I’ve been enjoying and what I’m looking forward to. Also, the people, I’ve met some amazing people since starting this journey.

Are there any aspects of the industry you don’t enjoy as much?

I haven’t personally found anything in the industry that I haven’t enjoyed, I’m aware there are ‘issues’ but I try to avoid drama. However, something that I’ve not personally experienced but I’ve seen on social media which I really don’t like, is the bloggers who feel they have a sense of entitlement because of how popular they are, or how long they’ve been blogging, and they look down on newer bloggers. I think if people share an interest they should support and encourage each other.

What has been your highlight so far? 

The highlight for me so far was being awarded micro influencer of the year award at the mental health blog awards, I’m so incredibly proud to have been just nominated let alone to win, the support I’ve had from people around me has been incredible.

Also, joining the Bournemouth Bloggers network, I’ve met some awesome people, been to so many great events for huge companies such as Lush. Just being part of this network of likeminded people.


Can you share a post with us that you are most proud of? 

Oh I have two, very different posts that I’m most proud of, the first being Do We Still Need A Pride, an insight as to why I believe pride events are still so important. The second post is my Lush Party: Fun & Games post. I’m a big Lushie, and have created a handful of lush posts, this was my first time trying out the Lush Parties in the Bournemouth store which I was treated to for my 25th birthday.

Out of the events you have attended with the Bournemouth Bloggers so far, which has stood out for you and why? 

There are three events which really stand out for me, the cocktail masterclass at the Cosy Club which was so much fun, I felt I came out of my shell a little more at that event, mingling with the other bloggers (that may have been down to the cocktails). The breakfast at the Real Eating Company was great, it was interesting to meet with the owner and find out what goes into running the business. But my absolute favourite event was the evening at Lush Bournemouth, this was the event I had been hoping for and it did not disappoint. It was brilliant, mingling with the bloggers and staff, even making our own Lush products.

If you could work with any one brand on a collaboration, who would it be and why?

I’m really not good at choosing just one, there are so many brands I’d love to collaborate with, but the dream would be Lush, Disney or an LGBT charity or company, such as Diva Magazine.

What is your favourite thing about living in Bournemouth? 

Bournemouth has such a buzz about it, having grown up in Southampton which is only a stone’s throw away, living in Bournemouth is like living in a dream. It has the perfect balance between beach bum relaxation and serenity to the hip cosmopolitan bars, restaurants and venues.

You create video content on YouTube as well as writing your blog, which medium do you prefer?

I love my blog, that’s something I do for me and I do in my own time at my own pace. My YouTube channel is something I co-run with my partner, which is great to do together and share that same passion, but YouTube is hard, it takes so much time to set up, film, edit, upload, and one of the main reasons I got into writing on my blog was that YouTube has so many restrictions for LGBT content and creators it became quite disheartening. So, for that reason I think I prefer my blog.

Do you have any advice for thinking about writing a blog, or just starting out blogging? 
Don’t expect your blog page or content to look as clean and polished and those bloggers you may follow who have been doing it for years, it takes time to realise what it is you really enjoy writing about. Don’t feel pressured, setting up a schedule is good, and consistency is great, but don’t just post content because you need to stick to your schedule, post content that you are passionate about. Most importantly, do it because you enjoy it.

Who are your favourite bloggers and/or YouTubers? 

Rose & Rosie, Sarah & Rachel, Brogan Tate, Ellie Steadman and Unite UK.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

In 5 years’ time, I would have accomplished so much, moved towns, bought my own home, got married and after so many years of saving and working hard to have the amazing things I do, I hope to be enjoying things a little more, being able to say yes more. Being able to travel, go on holidays, more trips to Disney and of course the dream would to be to have my own business with my then wife.
Thanks so much for taking part Nic. You can follow Nic over on social media – Instagram and Twitter

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