Get to Know the Blogger

Get to Know the Blogger – Rachael

Next in the hot seat for our Get to Know the Blogger series is Rachael from The 15 Mile Foodie!
Hi Rachael, thanks for taking part! Can you tell us a little bit about what the 15 Mile Foodie is all about? 
My blog is all about local food and drink venues and producers, I write reviews about my experiences and promote local businesses wherever I can. I count myself lucky to have had an amazing time and more importantly have met some really passionate people during the process.
How long have you been blogging for, and what made you get into blogging to start with?
My blog is eighteen months old, my blogging journey began when we bought our house in Christchurch, it needed bringing up to date and that included gutting the kitchen, although we were not living in the house at the time on the days that we worked on it we found ourselves exploring the food and drink venues locally.  So why not write about it?
Initially I wrote for the lovely Dorset Foodie Family and over time I met up with local organisations such as New Forest Marque and Hampshire Fare who gave me some tips on small businesses in the area, it was as this point I decided to set up my own blog writing about food and drink.
Do you have any particular topics you like writing about most? 
As it’s a food and drink blog and I love great food it’s probably some of the great restaurants I’ve had the pleasure to eat in. I also love a great story and some of the local producers I’ve spoken to in the last year have grown dramatically since starting with such humble beginings it really is great to see.
Favourite Social Media Platform?  
I love Instagram but can’t pretend to be any good at it, I’m far to random for it.
What are your favourite things about Blogging? 
I love talking to restaurant owners/chefs and food producers it’s a hard business to be in but they really are so passionate about their trade.
Are there any aspects of the industry you don’t enjoy as much?
Honestly no, maybe that’s because I do it for fun. I have heard some stories of bullying online but it hasn’t affected me personally. I do worry about how dependent we have all become on social media rather than mixing with real people.
What has been your highlight so far? 
Hmm that’s hard to decide, there has been a few. I’ve met a few celebrity chefs but Matt Tebbutt you really are my favourite!
Out of the events you have attended with the Bournemouth Bloggers so far, which has stood out for you and why? 
My favourite Bournemouth blogger event was at The Christchurch Harbour Hotel at the relaunch of their terrace early in the summer. The weather was absolutely beautiful, a great crowd turned up for the event, plenty of eating, drinking and laughter and of course photo opportunities.
If you could work with any one brand on a collaboration, who would it be and why?
If I could work with any brand it would be Liz Earle Wellbeing, she isn’t a local brand but I love what she does for women of a certain age – I’m there and no one warns you what it’s going to be like #menopause.
What is your favourite thing about living in Bournemouth? 
I love living by the sea, we can be there in five minutes from our house, sometimes I just go and sit and stare and think how lucky am I?
Do you have any advice for thinking about writing a blog, or just starting out blogging? 
Honestly, I’m probably not the best person to give advice, people do it for different reasons and you need to be clear on what those are before you start. If you are doing it to make money I would say you have to come up with something unique as so many people are doing it now it has become very competitive.
Who are your favourite bloggers?
Liz Earle as previously mentioned and twolovesstudio an amazing food photographer.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
I’d love to have my own food related business and be a much better photographer but right now I’m happy to be eating and drinking my way around the area.
Thank you for taking part Rachael. Make sure you’re following Rachael on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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