Get to Know the Blogger

Get to Know the Blogger – Harrison

Kicking off this brand new series is our very own Harrison, who blogs at By Harrison, has a YouTube Channel and is off on a very big adventure next month… 

Hi Harrison, thanks for taking part! Can you tell us a little bit about what By Harrison is all about? 
Basically It’s a food, fashion, travel & lifestyle blog. Documenting me, navigating my way through life, my findings as I go and hopefully providing my readers with a little bit of help and advice on How To topics, organisation and self love.
How long have you been blogging for, and what made you get into blogging to start with? 
I started bout 3 years ago. I gave up because a friend discovered my blog and I was so embarrassed. Then got back into it and started taking it a lot more seriously. I’ve been regularly blogging now for abut 2 solid years. 
Do you have any particular topics you like writing about most? 
With my pending travels to New Zealand, travel has taken a big part in the blog. It’s something I’m really passionate about and something I love writing about. Also, Food & skincare have played big parts in forming ByHarrison and are topics I have strong passions for. 
Favourite Social Media Platform? 
By far Instagram. As much as we love to hate it and as much as the algortithym winds us up, I find it the most creative platform. Photography was always my first love and I love looking at the feed as a body of work and a portfolio. I love to juxtaposition from the highly edited feed, compared to the stripped back stories. I just wish Instagram would sort it out! 
What are your favourite things about Blogging? 
Having somewhere to exercise my creativity. I love having my own little corner of the internet where I can ramble on about whatever I want, whenever I want and to actually have people who are interested in what I have to say. Also, the people I’ve met through blogging has been pretty incredible. I never thought It would ever open the opportunities it has.
Are there any aspects of the industry you don’t enjoy as much? 
I’m sure you get it with every industry but there seems to be an awful lot of backstabbing amongst bloggers. In a weird, fairly new industry I feel we all need to stick together, support each other and help lift each other up. Celebrate our successes and be there for one other. Also, the competitiveness. Again, we should celebrate when our friends and peers get a great opportunity, not show hostility. Apart from that, it’s a pretty freakin’ great place to be.  
What has been your highlight so far? 
There have been so many highlights I simply couldn’t narrow it down. But a few that come to mind are my first ever blogger event I got invited to. It was a huge deal to me to be invited along and the first time I’ve been acknowledged as a blogger. I met some amazing people that to this day, I call great friends. 
Another highlight would be making it on to the PR list for Soap & Gory. Having such a huge brand even consider me to be on their PR list and to send me such incredible products has been a massive highlight for me. 
Can you share a post with us that you are most proud of? 
I’m proud of this post for how honest and raw I was in it. A story time post of what it’s like to be gay in a boys school!
Out of the events you have attended with the Bournemouth Bloggers so far, which has stood out for you and why? 
There are 3 that stick out in my mind. The first being my first event at Grosvenor Casino. Not only was it a really good event, it was my first and for that reason it’ll always have a place in my heart. Then my second event was at The Real Greek. This was a truly amazing event, it was a small group of us so it was really easy to get to know one another and develop some great friendships and also the food was amazing. Then more recently we attended a Cocktail Masterclass at The Cosy Club. This really was a lot of a fun, really interesting to learn how to make the cocktails and a really good group of people. We’ve been very lucky to attend some wonderful events. 
If you could work with any one brand on a collaboration, who would it be and why?
As a travel blogger, it would be the dream to work with some kind of Tourism Board. Being able to collaborate with a company like this, create some content and travel the world with my blog would be the dream. 
What is your favourite thing about living in Bournemouth (for the time being!)? 
I could literally travel for 15 minutes one direction and be in the middle of the new forest or go 15 minutes in the other direction and be at the beach. We have such variety in our landscapes, we’re very lucky with where we live. 
You create video content on YouTube as well as writing your blog, which medium do you prefer? 
I’m starting to love Youtube more & more but for me, my blog will always be my first love. From a young age I wanted to be an author or journalist, so writing has been a big part of my life and the reason I started blogging in the first place. So for me, it’ll have to be my blog. 
Do you have any advice for thinking about writing a blog, or just starting out blogging? 
Do it for the right reasons. As cheesy as it sounds, do it because you love it. Write about what you love, don’t go out and spend a load of money on products just so you can review them. Don’t think you’re going to get overnight success and trust me, it’s a lot harder than it might seem. You need to be hard working, dedicated and very self motivated. Running a blog, Youtube channel and several social media platforms takes dedication and organisation. So do it for the love and all that hard work, won’t seem like work. And if you are going to do it, it’ll be the best thing you ever did. 
Who are your favourite bloggers and/or YouTubers? 
The Anna Edit – Simply because of the high quality content, she turns out every single week. She’s got such a great way of writing, her imagery is perfection and she is one of the main reasons I started my blog. 
Jonny Melon – A travel blogger, who has inspired me so much to travel. It’s very rare to find male bloggers, in such a female led industry that it’s been refreshing to find Jonny and keep up with all his travels. Again, his images are insane. 
The Bournemouth Bloggers – And it goes without saying, all my friends in the Bournemouth Blogger community. EvenAngelsFall, EllemmaBlog, LouiseBodle, TeaTimeWithCiara & ElizabethLucy. You guys rock! 
FunForLouis & MrBenBrown – These guys were what got me back into the travel bug. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would’ve started my Youtube Channel and I definitely don’t think I’d finally be going travelling. 
AllanaDavison – Yes, I know she’s a beauty Youtuber but she’s so hilarious. Her content is amazing, she’s such a genuine person and I love watching her content. Deffo a guilty pleasure. 
ShaneDawson – More recently, I’ve been hooked on Shane Dawson. More specifically, his Tanacon series & Jeffery Starr series. I’m excited to see what he does next. 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
Taking my blog & youtube channel full time. Travelling the world and being a Digital Nomad. Being independent for my location & creating some epic content. And just generally being happy. 
Thank you so much for taking part Harrison! Make sure you follow Harrison on social media – FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up with his upcoming adventures!


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